Monday, November 3, 2008

Something to do with all of this candy

For family night tonight we talked about being thankful and made a candy mosaic turkey. It was fun and the kids enjoyed painting the glue on with q-tips and putting candy in the glue and of course eating some of the candy too. :) Gobble, gobble!


melissa said...

That's the most delicious turkey I've ever seen! Thanks for all the tips on how to be a super cool, fun parent.

aubreyp said...

Your turkey totally reminded me of the candy turkeys we made last year on Thanksgiving. It looked similar to this:

It was exactly the same, but you get the idea. The kids (and the adults) loved making them, of course!

Also, I LOVED LOVED LOVED my gymnastics class yesterday! It was so much fun to be on the floor again. I'm sore today (I knew I would be). But seriously so much fun! I haven't been on a floor in 15 years. You should come next week.

Anonymous said...

FABU!! I never knew you were such an ar-tist! It was so great to see you at Conference- thanks for loving on Lily:)