Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moving Memories with Jeff and Greg

Hi everyone! I thought I'd let you know about a new online class taught by Greg and his buddy Jeff at The class covers how to shoot better home videos and how to shoot to edit. Check it out! :D

Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Day of School

It has been a great start to the new school year at the Winters' household. Both Meadow and Parker really like their teachers and they have been really wonderful so far! Meadow had a little bout of homesickness on Day two of Kindergarten so I sent her to school wearing my necklace on day three. It made a big difference for her because she felt like I was near. :) She really loves going to the same school as her big brother. After I picked her up from her first day of school, I asked her what her favorite part of school was and she said "The Cafeteria." That's my girl! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Fake Beatles

We went to see a Beatles coverband recently at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill. The Band's name was "Abbey Road Live." The show was held in the afternoon and was geared toward kids and families so it was pretty awesome and a great time for all of us. The kids loved dancing around and got to go onstage to sing and play the tamborine. Meadow got to wear one of the fake beatles' sparkly hat. Parker was astounded by the pee trough in the Men's restroom. It was pretty asounding wasn't it Park?!

Laney's Baptism

Sweet cousin Laney got baptised yesterday. She was as pretty as a picture and it was a beautiful day. We are so proud of her!!

Spring Soccer Memories

Spring soccer go off to a chilly start but the season ended gorgeously.

Meadow enjoyed the season and and turned into quite the defender this year. She liked trying to "run as fast as a cheetah" and is looking forward to playing again in the fall. :)

Parker decided soccer wasn't his cup of hot chocolate and that he didn't want to play any more after this season. We are proud of him for sticking out the season and for doing his best!! :) Parker had the most amazing Coach this year. Coach Scott was so great with all of the kids and challenged them at their levels. He really cared about each child and was such a positive motivator. Our hearts were touched when he wrote Parker a letter at the end of the season. I have included the letter below. Parker's team was amazing and ended up winning the entire tournament. What a way to go out. We are excited to try out some new things and discover some new talents for Parker. :)

Letter from Coach Scott (Note: we missed the last 2 games of the tournament but attended the celebration party where Parker was the first to identify several films in a game we were playing. The last practice of the season it was parents v/s kids and I had the most fun playing! This will help some of the letter make sense.):

Parker, Thank you so much for playing on my soccer team. This was my last year coaching and I am so glad that you were on team. You are a great kid. You always brightened my day if I had a hard day at work. I have something special for you. Our team won the tournament. I have gold medals to give to all of our kids. Ask your mom and dad to let me know how best to get you your gold medal. I can mail it, bring it by your house or leave it in my mailbox for you. Congratulations!

I would like to tell you a little story. Ryan has an older sister. I coached her soccer team when she was a little girl. I could hardly ever get her to to into a game. I tried and tried but she never enjoyed it. She would sit on the sidelines and sing when she was supposed to be playing. I could never figure out why she would not want to play. One day my wife asked her why she always sang instead of focusing on the game. It was because she loved to sing. That was 3 years ago. This weekend we watched her sing with a girls choir and she was very good. I was very proud of her. She also acts in plays. She still plays soccer sometimes for fun but she really loves singing the most. You might think that my favorite thing in life is soccer. But really I love movies. I love being able to escape the real world and enjoy watching a good movie. It was very fun yesterday watching you be the first to identify the movies. No one was even close to you in guessing the Phantom Menace. We had a great talk about how you and your dad enjoy Star Wars together. I cannot get Ryan to enjoy these movies as much as I do, but we are all made differently. So it was fun seeing you enjoy it so much.

Parker, I really enjoyed coaching you. Do you know that you are one of the only kids on the team who never messed up a throw in all year. You learned to throw the ball far while keeping both of your feet on the ground. Once you learned it, you never forgot. You played great yesterday. Your throw ins were good and you took the ball from the other team when we needed you to.

You have terrific parents. Do you know that the pictures we were watching at my house were taken by your father? I know lots of people who take pictures. You dad takes the best ones. He has a really great talent. Just like your mom has in soccer. Thank your parents for me.

Have a great summer. Listen to your parents. Keep doing your very best at everything that you do. Sincerely, Coach Scott

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sharing Buddies

Below is a picture of Liam feeding raisins to his buddy Jordan Shoentrup. Liam loves to share his food. This picture was taken right before Liam bent down and examined Suzanne Shoentrup's (Jordan's Mom's)shiny red toenail polish. Liam said "pop-pop!" (lollipop) and before I could stop him bent down to lick/taste the "lollipop." We laughed so hard, that quiet, shaking in your chair kind of laugh because you are at church. Suzanne said "Well that's never happened to me before." ;)

Western NC part IV, a visit to Uncle Emmit

We went to visit Greg's great Uncle Emmit up near Bakersville, NC. He is the brother of Greg's Grandpa on his dad's side. He is good guy with a big heart and he always has a project going on. He took us down to the basement and showed us the giant train set he was building for his grandsons. It was neat to see the progress he was making and it made me laugh because all of his kitchen knives were down there covered with glue, foam, paint etc. Such a grandpa thing to do. After we left the basement, we went in the house briefly and Parker had an allergic reaction to something. He turned beet red and his right ear swelled up to at least three times its normal size. It could have been from the basement, the three house cats or the bag of pecans sitting in the corner. We washed him off in the bathroom gave him benadryl and then drove to walmart and bought a new outfit for all of the kids and changed their clothes just incase. Whew! After that we went to visit Emmit's daughter, greg's cousin Charlotte (who was not home at the time) and her husband Roger and their two boys, John Thomas and Levi. The kids had a ball. Liam was in tractor heaven! Emmit made the fun swing and the cool archway pictured below.

Emmit's train project in progress below. We should have gotten a picture of the kitchen knives. ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Murray's Mill

The fun continues in western North Carolina! Today we visited Murray's Mill, a historic mill in Catawba County listed the National Register of Historic Sites. The mill, dating back to 1913, is still able to grind flour from wheat and corn but only operates during special events and festivals now. One of these festival is the popular Harvest Folk Festival that takes place on the last Saturday and Sunday in September every year and provides music and fun for all. Other historic structures on site are The John Murray Home, Murray and Minges General Store, and the Wheat House. The General Store, built in 1890, is full of old time goodies and treats for the eyes as well. The Wheat House, built in the 1880's, now functions as an exhibit gallery featuring work by local artists and also traveling art exhibits several times a year. Outdoors, there are grassy areas perfect for picnicking and a short hiking trail that ambles down to the river. We enjoyed the short scenic hike and discovered and caught a frog to the delight of our children. We finished our tour with a trip to the general store to enjoy frosty cream sodas in glass bottles and giant pixie sticks. It was fun and educational trip for us. Self guided and guided tours are available for $5 and $6 per person respectively and we look forward to coming back in late September to catch the Harvest Festival! For More information visit the official website at www. websiteHere is my cute husband humoring me and letting me take his picture in a field of flowers. Be still my heart!