Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've been tagged

Energy Conservation by Greg

10 Years ago...
Singles ward, working at a construction company in Raleigh as an HR Manager/Marketing Asst./Office Manager and Payroll Clerk probably wondering where exactly my life was going.

Snacks I enjoy
Where do I begin? Doritoes and cottage cheese, fruit, cookies, bowl of cereal, yogurt, candy

Things I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire
Pay off my bills, my family's bills, buy a house with a few acres, travel a bit more, send my kids to really great private schools, invest in getting Greg's movies made, hire a personal chef a few times a week to create delicious gluten, egg, dairy and peanut free dinners for my kids, hire a maid, donate to some worthy causes.

Bad Habits
Procrastination, impulse buying, staying up too late, I know there are more - I'll have to consult Greg on this and get back to you. Ok, I just remembered some that he has said without having to consult him - I leave the lights on when I leave a room alot, and don't put things away when I take them out, and say negative things about myself. There we have it.

5 places I have lived
Lansing, MI, Bowie, MD, Kennewick, WA, Jericho, VT, Rexburg, ID
Continued on next post...

I've been tagged cont.

Jobs I've had
Custodian at Ricks college - cleaned bathrooms at 4am - whew, jobs were hard to come by there, I think I only lasted 3 months at that one. Staying up until 1 with your roomates and then going to clean toilets at 4 is pretty painful.
My first real job was working at TJ Maxx by Cary Town Center. I ran a register, tidied up the sales floor and worked in the fitting room.
Bookkeeper at Foodlion.
I modeled wedding gowns and dresses for a designer in Cary that came through my check-out line at foodlion. I also was in a commercial of hers for her dress shop that used to be in Crabtree mall that ran for a couple of years, and an add for a florist that ran a couple of times in the Triangle Bridal Guide. I auditioned for a Harley Davidson Fashion show after I was married (had to come prepared with a 2 minute dance and perform it) So I got to be in that and wear biker gear -hahahaha. My 5 minutes of fame.

What most people don't know about me
I have two screws in my right knee, I am independent to a fault, and I am a bit of a dare-devil. I am considering taking an adult ballet class because I think it would be fun to dance in toe shoes. Someday I would like to hike the Appalachian Trail, but I bet Greg and I will have to do it in pieces. I am scared of brown recluse spiders and don't really like any spiders or ticks or rats for that matter which will make staying in the shelters and hiking the AT very interesting at times I am sure! :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

A New Year, A Blog

I decided since it is 2008 for Heaven's sake, I ought to make a blog. We have thoroughly enjoyed looking at several created by friends and hope some day ours will be half as cool. But for now, bear with me as I am just starting out :)

My Son the 3 year old Jedi

At MGM in December Parker passed his Jedi training with flying colors. After defeating Darth Vader along with 20 other young jedi wannabes he earned his diploma and yelled from the stage "Mom! I'm a Jedi"

No Hands

Here is Parker trying out the Apex Peakway near our house before it is opened. He will miss being able to "drive" there. We will too.

First Bike with Training Wheels

Parker got a big kid bike with training wheels for Christmas and was itching to try it out on Christmas Day. Trying to keep him on the side walk was challenging because being the spirited boy that he is, he "wanted to crash into the bushes" :) Grandpa Winters enjoyed the workout!

Getting Dressed for Church

One of my favorite times to take pictures of the kids (besides all of the time) is after they are all ready for church. My Mom used to do this and I have enjoyed carrying on the tradition. Besides they are just so dang cute all dressed up :)