Monday, November 24, 2008

Scary bees, veggie turkeys, hurting knees and evenings free. Oh, and first haircuts.

That is the news. We'll start with scary bee (according to Meadow) :) Greg was out of town recently for 11 days so when he got back he took the kids on a field trip to give me a little break. :) They went to the Native American Festival at the Museum of History downtown. The kids had a great time watching Native American Dances and watching how they made canoes by burning and hollowing out trees.

Afterwards they walked over to The Natural Science Museum to eat lunch in the cafeteria. That is where they met the scary bee hanging from the ceiling.

Meadow told her Dad she was scared of that bee and despite his best explanations that the bee was not real, it's just a toy, it wont hurt you etc. She refused to open her eyes during lunch...

or getting into the stroller after lunch and traveling to the next exhibit. Greg would ask her occasionally while pushing the stroller if she was ok to which she would reply "I'm ok Dad" from behind her hands.

Still covering the eyes while getting out of the stroller at the dinosaur exhibit even though Greg told her the bee was gone.

At the dinosaur exhibit, Greg pried her hands off of her face and said "See Meadow." She looked at the dinosaurs and said "Yeay! Dinosaurs! Rarrrrr!" lol.

Parker had his Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool and it was cute watching him sings songs about turkeys and do the turkey pokey (like hokey pokey) He kept he turkey hat on for about 2 minutes. I thought he looked like a teenager standing there with his hands in his pockets.

Thought I'd include a picture of the fun veggie tray one of the mom's brought:

I re-injured my knee the other week and it swelled up and hasn't been quite the same since so I got it checked and have to have arthroscopic surgery to remove a cartilage tear which won't be that big of a deal hopefully. That, getting wacked in the eye, a newer church calling that takes me out of the house on one evening as well, and just this busy stage of life have all pointed towards giving up coaching for now. It was a little sad but the right decision and I will be able to focus on what is most important and have more free evenings to spend with my family. I'll will find another less demanding creative outlet.

Meadow got her first haircut last week. She watched Parker get his hair cut first and she told him he was gorgeous. hehehe :) She was excited for her turn and did really well holding still.

Getting a haircut, doesn't it make you want to go outside and run too!?!


melissa said...

If you hadn't taken pictures of it, I don't think I would have believed that Meadow literally didn't open her eyes during lunch. That's the cutest thing, ever.

Courtney said...

Boo to the knee! That stinks!

I love Meadow's face during the hair cut. She's s a cutie!

Mim said...

I'm sorry about your knee. The surgery isn't that rough though. I had it done in high school. It'll be hard to give up coaching though!

Cute stories and pictures!

Cara said...

it's ok meadow..I too am scared silly of bees, especially giant ones

OUCH!!! Boooo, Greg had to have that done to his knee too. It's stinky, but hopefully your knee will be better after.