Friday, November 21, 2008

Poll: What was your favorite scene in Twilight the movie?

The baseball scene was pretty cool but I think my favorite would still be the dancing in Edward's room followed by the playing in the tree tops - what a view!! I wish I could go play in the tree tops don't you? Also I thought the scene where she walked into science class for the first time was pretty awesome and hilarious. Oh and when she went to meet the family, that was really funny too and it was lovely when he played the piano for her. Also I liked Edward's teeth. LOL. Ok the movie was just good.

I really enjoyed it, I think my problem must be that I wanted to see more. Gimme more. lol. And like Heather C., I missed some of the tension building moments from the book like when Bella had to try hard to sneak away from Jasper and Alice in the airport. (I remembered Erika!!) and the relationship needed a bit more time to build. But the movie didn't have time and a movie cannot be the entire book can it? So I think the movie did a great job portraying the book. It was a lovely movie and time, thanks all!


Candie said...

Haven't seen it yet. Want to read the book first!

I know I'm a little behind!!! :-)

Rich said...

The meet the Cullens scene really stood out to me when Edward took her to their house. All of the dynamics of the characters were in play and Edward had dropped his Emo face and was more at ease.

The chemistry between Edward and Bella seemed rushed and forced to me a little bit, but I think it worked because 75% of the people who see the movie will have read the book and they will know that Bella loves Edward, etc.

I thought overall that the movie was really well done. The casting was terrific and I thought most of the actors did a tremendous job, Bella especially. Some of the other actors seemed to start off slow, but I liked them more as the film went on.

Good times!

Heather said...

I agree Rich, the chemistry did seem a little rushed.

Rich said...

Erika's favorite part in the movie was when they pull up to school in Edward's Volvo and he is wearing the sunglasses and being really smug about having Bella as a girlfriend and all the other students are just shocked.

Heather said...

That WAS a good part Erika!! :)

Mim said...

I really missed them getting to know each other. I think it was key to building the chemistry and I missed the tension of being in the woods, and Edward's struggle with it.

Favorite scene, hmmm, I honestly can't say right now. All of my favorite scenes in the book were cut short, so I don't know.

Rob's favorite scene was the tree, and then the dance at the end. Actually he says it is when Rich yelled out "I'm so excited!"

Rich said...

lol, I am such a goof sometimes. Still - the charades were pretty awesome as well. There was a mom and her daughter sitting next to me that were highly amused at the spontaneous charades game. I'm glad I didn't go up, because I'm sure I would have tried something really obscure like All Quiet on the Western Front or something.... ;-P

A few scenes I think they could have done a little bit more on:
*when Bella sneaks from Alice and Jasper. I was pretty disappointed that Alice ended up being a minor role, I love her character.
*the sequence between James and Bella in the ballet studio. I wanted to see him become a little more fierce instead of just throwing her down... anti-climatic.

On another note, Erika last night and today picked up where she left off on the second book and doesn't want to put it down. **SQUEAL!!**

Heather said...

I missed that too Mim.

Yeay Erika! **SQUEAL!**

Anonymous said...

Now that I'm home again, Scott is taking me on Tuesday.

Robin said...

Okay, can I tell you my "worst scene from the movie"? I did not need to see Carlisle bit Edward on the neck! I actually turned away. Did it have to be on the neck? Ugh. I didn't mind him biting Esme.
Okay, I still loved the movie. It was fun!