Friday, November 14, 2008

Hannah Montana

Tonight I tucked Parker into bed and he smiled a silly smile and said "Have a Merry Christmas Mom."
Me laughing, "Thanks Buddy."
Parker: "When is your birthday Mom?"
Me: "It's in March."
Parker: (Wheels turning) "What kind of Birthday cake would you like? A Hannah Montana one? (excitement in his voice building) I'll get Dad to help me with it and we can put pink frosting on it." (now smiling a very pleased smile.)
Me: "Wow buddy, that was really nice and thoughtful of you. I'd love it if you and Dad made me a cake."
Parker: (still smiling a very pleased smile) "Yeah, that's what we'll do."

LOL!! I love my sweet boy and that he tried to think of what I might like the best and that he thinks I'm a teenager - hahaha. It's also funny because Parker has only seen her on TV commercials on the Disney Channel and because we never listen to her because we don't own any of her music. It was purely him imagining what might be cool to make for Mom. :)


Shalene said...

I love Hanah Montana. She has a great song writer and I think her lyrics are excellent for young girls. lots of stuff about confidence and not giving up and accepting yourself. She is also fun to dance to or get motivated in the morning to. Having little girls is sooo much fun. I will be super jealous of your Hanah Montana cake ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you a teenager?

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Shalene, I agree she has some great lyrics. I'll have to get some of her music for Miss Meadow and then we can all rock out together. :)