Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Trippers Yeah

Parker is tracked out and Greg had the day off so we did a spur of the moment day trip to our favorite spot on Wrightsville beach last Wednesday. It was 76 and sunny, lovely. Liam liked to try to use the end of his paci-clip (that came unclipped by brute force ;) as a spoon to shovel sand into his mouth. I know he got one spade-ful into his mouth before we confiscated it. "num-num." There were alot of warm tidal pools for the kids to splash around in and they found a tiny little hermit crab there and had fun watching him and trying to catch some little minnows. Good times. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NC State Fair

We had a great time at the fair this year. We were glad that Grandma Debbie was in town to enjoy it with us. The kids had a great time. Their favorite parts were "everything!" but especially riding the ponies and the mummy ride (the giant swinging pirate ship). Parker wasn't so sure about it the first time but we rode it twice and he loved it the second time. Dare devil Meadow had her hands in the air the whole time.

Parker won a prize at the dart throw (a tiger he named chinchitzu sp? lol)and he had a lot of fun looking at the lego building entries. We are totally going to participate in that next year! Sweet Meadow shared her pink piggy prize with Liam that she fished up in the shark fishing game.

We of course had to stop in the village of yester-year for apple cider freezies and what is the fair without chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick I ask you? Liam loved all of the lights and sounds and riding the ferris wheel together as a family was great. It was dusk so the lights were perfect. A great end to a great day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lego Fest!!

Dream come true for Parker. Greg and Parker had a boys day out the first Saturday of this month while Mamma, Meadow and Liam went to a birthday Party at Monkey Joes.

Lego Fest was held in the Raleigh Convention Center and Parker and Greg got tickets to the 9-2 session. 5 whole hours in a giant convention center filled with other legomaniacs, master builders, giant piles of legos to play in, games where you could win lego prizes, and a giant retail section for the kiddos to drool over. :)

Prize that Parker won in a Ninjago battle. :)

Parker picked this cool little camper to purchase with his spending money. :) He put it together himself.

This was a lego map of the US that everyone could make a building for. The lego employee put your building where you directed (North Carolina was full so Parker chose to put his building dead center) and then the map travels to every city that is hosting a lego festival. Pretty cool!!

Best. Day. Ever.