Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eno River

What a great little family hike just outside of Durham! What a very fun bridge that Liam threw his passie off of into the river. We did do a daring rescue for it though. :) We parked in the Cole Mill access and started the hike there and then branched off onto the the Fanny's Ford trail. Next time we'll start our hike a little earlier because I think the kids would have played for hours in the ford.

Sneaking up on the crane. Click on the picture below to enlarge. See if you can find it!

Fording the Ford. :)

Farm Day

The kids loved going to Farm Day at NC State (end of March) and meeting up with all of their cousins. They loved looking at all of the animals, milking and lassoing fake cows, climbing on tractors and doing interpretive dance on the cow corral gates. :D Good Times!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does your church building have one of these?

Meadow said she had to go to the bathroom during sacrament so Greg was taking her out and Parker said that he needed to go too and followed them. They went to the bathroom up by the Stake offices and Parker said he didn't need to go after all and that he would wait in the hall. This is what Greg came out to find: :) :) :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What about them galoshes?

Wings to fly

Greg made Meadow a pair of wings for fun one Saturday morning recently. She had been acting like a bird alot so he wanted to help her "be the bird." :) I thought they were pretty awesome and so did Meadow. Thanks Greg for giving us wings to fly literally and figuratively. ;)

Snuggle Buggies

Maybe the post title could have been "I will snuggle you and you will like it. ;) Meadow loves her little brother so much. She regularly can be heard saying things like "oh, look at his soft little cheeks, oh you sweetie, come give Meadow a hug! Oh he's so cute I can't stand it." After a few of these sentences you can usually hear Parker say "Stop being so mushy Meadow."

Liam's First Haircut!


Dad is caught grieving just a little bit. He was not quite ready for this.

What is this lady doing back there?

Are we done yet? (Thank goodness for iphones!)

Pretty Meadow and our handsome big boy running down the sidewalk with the bag of curls; because haircuts just make you want to run!

Celebration time!

You will all know when I am done catching up on blogging now because Liam's hair will be short again. :) Now that girls camp is behind me it is catch up time! :)