Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Pictures of my Pumpkin Pies

Our kids are all about pulling faces for the camera these days. ;)

Cake from my sweet smart husband for my birthday. :) We had a fun weekend doing family stuff. Hung out at Harris Lake and played frisbee and softball. Made sandcastles and threw rocks in the water. Took the kids to see a movie. Liam slept though half of it and then was pretty intrigued for most of the rest of it. It was a beautiful day!

Prehistoric drawing and card that Parker made me. upper left is a mountain that Meadow made for me. :)

Framed photo of the kids that I loved of course. :)

Practicing and showing off their best jumps for Greg's Cousin Brian that came to visit.

My newest Niece

My brother Shaun and his lovely wife Taylor just had their first baby at 2:45 this morning. "A St. Patty's Day star."
Welcome to the world beautiful Shaunie Kathryn Brady! 7lbs 12oz, 20 inches. Love you already.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A friend just wrote me an e-mail on facebook for Happy Person appreciation day and wrote such a lovely, kind, sincere note. It made me sooo...happy! Words are amazing things. :) They have so much power to lift and warm and strengthen depending on how we use them.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Night fun

We were inspired by our friends the Caldwell's blog so yesterday we had a family night lesson in the car on the way to The Grand Asia Market. The kids thought it was the most awesome time ever. They liked checking out all of the asian goods, the smiling, waving, golden cats, the large buddha statues, and the shiny red tasseled decorations. They loved going to the sea food area and checking out the large tanks full of swimming striped bass and tilapia and the little turtle that shared a home with them. The turtle's shell was covered with green fuzzy moss that looked like funny green hair. They aptly named him 'Moss'. I wish we had taken a picture of him, he was so cute. Then we toured the meat department and the children were enthralled with the packages of chicken feet for sale. I reminded Parker how he complained about dinner earlier. ;)

They had fun picking out a package of japanese fizzy fruit candy (pretty yummy!) and some gum and they were amazed when we showed them later on the globe where the candy was made and how it was shipped all the way here.

Greg picked out a soda called Grass Jelly Soda. Banana flavored. I knew he shouldn't have picked that (soda with chunks of jelly in it is what I imagined and I was correct) but you only live once and he is a brave soul when it comes to taste buds, lol. He described it as tasting a bit like armpits and would I like to try it? No thank you. I am sure it is probably healthy but I prefer soda with no chunks in it...

Oh it was great fun. The world is very interesting. I love family night. Please as treat for you, make sure to read the description under the brand name on the gummy candy bag. "offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beautiful Day

On Monday it was 82 degrees here! I dressed the kids in shorts that morning and they were so excited to wear them. Walking out of the front door:

Meadow: "Ahhh, It is so beautiful outside today! Do you think the birds are out to play and have a fun day?"

Me: "Yes, I can hear them having a fun day right now."

Meadow standing on the grass in the front yard: "I bet the birds think I am pretty in my sparkly sandals."

Me: "I bet they do too!"

:) :) :) :)

Later that day driving in the car, Rod Stewart is on the radio:

Parker: "Dad that lady needs to clear her throat."

Greg: "Actually, that is a man singing."

Parker: "Well, that man needs to go ahhhhemmm hemmm hmmm, like that."