Monday, January 28, 2013

Just enough to go Ice Sleddin'

North Carolina got a dusting this week. More of an icing really, but it made for some good sledding! There is the perfect little sledding hill near the house (unless you make it all the way to the creek ;) Side Note - Remember when we went sledding at Meredith Heather Crenshaw Mckeon and we made it across the street/parking lot?!) Liam on the way home said "I had fun" and then proceeded to tell everyone (one at a time of course) that he loved them. Icing on the cake. Icing on the Icing. ;D Check it out here: For some reason it isn't letting me post the actual link so you'll have to copy and paste...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Warp Speed

Ah, y'all. Life is warp speed right now. I don't even know where the last 4 months went. One of these first days I am going to look through all of my pictures and post some good stuff that happened but tonight i am too tired. I hope everyone is have a great New Year so far. We are moving and shaking literally. Packing, painting, patching, trips to storage, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, carpet stretching, more painting, cleaning until my fingers crack open. Kind of exciting, kind of exhausting. House going on the market in the next week hopefully. We'll be staying in the area. We love it here. Putting a down payment on a piece of land soon and if all goes well, we'll be in an apartment soon while something is getting built. The kids are handling it pretty well now that they understand they get to take their stuff with them. :) If I never move again after all of this that would be lovely. Moving is for the birds but It has been good to purge and get organized. :)