Saturday, March 29, 2008

I quit adult ballet

While I'm updating I will tell you all that I decided to quit my adult ballet class. In 5 weeks I have only been able to attend once. Greg has been traveling for work and then we went out of town for Easter, and things just kept coming up. Also I just got called to YW and am there Wed. nights, plus teaching gymnastics two nights a week, and it felt like I would be gone too many evenings. So I will postpone the dancing for a while. Maybe they offer Grandma Ballet classes. ;)

Eye update

Had some inquiries about the eye so I thought I'd post a new picture of the healing process. I have to go back in May for a steroid shot (helps the scar heal quicker and makes it flatter) then the surgeon is going to cut and re-stitch part of it so I'll post a newer hopefully better looking picture of the eye after summer. Until then we'll call it "Shabby Chic" and it's a great excuse not to wear any make-up. Very liberating :) If anyone ever needs the number of a great plastic surgeon just let me know, he's fantastic.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preschool Easter Party

Waiting in cubbies until the Party started (notice Meadow, luckily someone was absent. She was so proud to be with the big kids)

Greg was a hit in the kitchen area as all of the little ones loved pretending to pour things on him and kept piling food on his lap.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Greatness

We had a great time in Hickory (Greg's hometown) over Easter weekend. Three egg hunts, some cake decorating and eating (Gluten-free of course) at Great Grandma Margaret's (Memaw), and an all around fun time with cousins and friends. Thanks for the pics Kelly :) Parker also got a little framed picture of Christ from the Sunbeam Teacher in the Hickory Ward which he loves and proudly displays on his night stand.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Greg returns from Saluda, NC

Bed and Breakfast the film crew stayed at

View from the back porch

Watching the sun rise during breakfast

A lovely hike

Filming some waterfalls

Thought I would post some gorgeous pictures of where Greg has been all week! Don't we feel so sorry for him having to go there for work? ;) I decided I am going to start a list of all of the places he has to take me back to since he got to go there by support all of us. ;) It was a shoot for the show "Our State" that comes on on UNCTV. Great show about places in NC. Saluda, population 600, is just outside of Asheville. I know Greg would want me to say that he did have to lug some very heavy equipment on the hike and many of the shoots he goes on are not this exciting :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Top ten things to do when your husband is out of town for a week

I can post this now because he is coming back today (March 14th) :)

10. Let the house go and the laundry pile up.
9. Stay up late every night so that when you go to sleep you are too tired to care about the noises the house is making.
8. Order two large pizzas and eat them all by yourself throughout the week.
7. Paint the bathroom upstairs because there is no one to talk to after the kids are in bed and it helps with #9.
6. Stock up on your caffeinated beverage of choice to use when exhaustion sets in from staying up late every night.
5. Rent a romantic movie and snuggle up with your blanket.
4. Stay busy.
3. Keep the phone near by in case he calls in the evening so you can have another adult conversation.
2. Keep the phone nearby during the day so the kids can talk to him after they start wondering "when is daddy coming home?"
1. Practice your patience.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let's go fly a kite

Today Greg took the kids to the Kite Festival at Bond Park in Cary. When they got home Parker flew his owl kite again in the front yard. The Kite Festival happens every March and there are anywhere from a hundred to three hundred people out flying kites. It is fun to watch and the wind really cooperated this year.

Just because it's cute

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The lesser evil

So we got our VW Passat used from carmax a few years back and have found that VW Passats have alot of electrical problems (the mechanic also said they see alot of them in VW cars in general). Not usually big things, but annoying things that cost money. First, a couple of years ago our dashboad lights started randomly working and not working and a year later our tail lights stopped working and now the most recent problem is the blinkers don't work. At all. So we haven't gotten them fixed yet and the other night I was coming home from work at 8pm and was almost to our neighborhood and a pickup was coming up on me fast and I automatically turned on my blinker (which didn't work of course) and started to turn and the driver rolled down the window, flipped the bird and shouted something I couldn't hear but got the meaning of. So, I can see why the driver was annoyed but thought to myself - really do we have to flip the bird and yell? He could have just honked or something. Anyway, Greg suggested I should start doing the manual turn signals out the window with my arm when I have to drive that car just until it gets fixed. Then my automatic thought was - I think I'd rather get flipped off. hahaha. Would people even know what I was doing or pay attention? Hmmm, which would be worse, getting flipped off or doing manual turn signals out the window with your arm? That is this weeks poll....

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gymnastics and Comedy

Enjoyed this series of videos on youtube. There is a a great bar routine and a floor routine also but this was my fav. Thanks Robbie!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Old Lady Ballet

Ok, so I did it! I signed up for a trial class for adult ballet and made sure over the phone that I wouldn't be the only 30+ year old woman there. (There were 6 of us hooray!) It was last thursday and it started at 7:45 pm which is awesome because the kids are settling down and Greg puts them to bed! It was alot of fun and challenging too. I had to take some ballet back in the day for gymnastics but not much. The teacher was great and I am starting to remember what the moves are called which always helps and just enjoyed dancing! :) I think I will sign up for a while since we don't belong to a gym or anything and because it was fun! Notice there are no pictures of the old ladies in leotards and tights ;)

Painting Fun

Painting without the mess today or so we thought (gotta love these paint with water books!) Sharing one bowl of water to paint didn't work today so we made another one.

I have an idea...

Going for it and enjoying splashing thoroughly

After a couple minutes Mom dumped out the big bowl of water since I was "done painting" so I'll take this other bowl.

Taking a closer look and definitely constructing more ideas