Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day Celebration

They, the builders of the nation,
Blazing trails along the way;
Stepping-stones for generations
Were their deeds of ev’ry day.
Building new and firm foundations,
Pushing on the wild frontier,
Forging onward, ever onward,
Blessed, honored Pioneer!

Service ever was their watch-cry;
Love became their guiding star;
Courage, their unfailing beacon,
Radiating near and far.
Ev’ry day some burden lifted,
Ev’ry day some heart to cheer,
Ev’ry day some hope the brighter,
Blessed, honored Pioneer!

As an ensign to the nation,
They unfurled the flag of truth,
Pillar, guide, and inspiration
To the hosts of waiting youth.
Honor, praise, and veneration
To the founders we revere!
List our song of adoration,
Blessed, honored Pioneer!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Disney Dance Camp

The Academy for Performing Arts in downtown Apex has week long Disney Dance Camps this Summer for 3-5 yr. olds. Meadow is not quite 3 (Sept. 26) but we put her in it because she is a dancing machine at home. It was an hour and a half each day and she LOVED it! They had a little performance for the parents at the end of the week which we videotaped and it may show up on the blog later. I rag rolled her hair the night before just for fun and we were glad that Grandma, Aunt Amber and Cousins Brady and Bryce could come to the show. :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And so it begins

Parker started Kindergarten this Wednesday. It was a day of much anticipation and I confess I kept waking up to look at the clock.

For the past 2 years Parker has been asking when he would get to ride the school bus that drives past our house almost every morning and afternoon. So Wed. morning with backpack and lunch box packed and armed with our epi-pens and benadryl we walked to the bus stop. After Parker was on the bus, he waved until we were out of sight and then Meadow and I hopped in the van and followed him to school.

We beat the bus to school and waited for him to arrive and then we walked him to his class. Hugs and brave smiles all around. Only when I got to the Office to drop off the epi-pens and benadryl did the tears sneak out. It couldn't be helped. I saw another Mother with a second grader doing the same thing and she gave me a hug and said it's going to be all right. Other mothers with Kindergartners nodded knowingly and blinked a little faster than normal and there were even some sympathy tears from a wonderfully kind office lady.

Meadow and I had a peaceful day and It seemed very quiet around here without our sweet and boisterous fella. I knew he was in good hands. He had a great day and he must have behaved himself very well too because he had all of this pent up loudness and energy exploding from him once he got home. lol.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Austin Stevens, Snake Master Extraordinaire, delivers!

For those of you who don't remember, Parker wrote a letter to Austin Stevens, which we mailed to Africa, and from whom we got a return letter yesterday! Squeal!!

Here is Parker's letter again:

Letter from Austin Stevens:

Also, you may have noticed in the above pictures a little bald spot in the front of Parker's hair. Well earlier this week I heard scissors cutting from upstairs so I ran to the stairs and yelled down "what are you guys cutting?"

Parker happily: "We are giving each other haircuts."

Me: "STOP!"

Parker and Meadow: "ok!"

Happy 4th everyone!

To the Beach

We went to Carolina Beach for a couple of days before Parker starts Kindergarten next week. Agggghhh! I sort of feel like I am on the edge of a cliff getting ready to jump or be pushed off. I wish that I had until September with my little big guy but at least we will have more time together during breaks from School. I have to admit it is a little sad and I am a little nervous for his full days away from home but I think that he will probably adjust just fine.

The beach was great. We celebrated Grandma Debbie's birthday, wooo!, and also did a 2 hour Pirate boat tour which is something we had not done before and the kids really enjoyed it. Our pirate guide told us some pirate history and legends of the North Carolina Coast and demonstrated how to load and shoot an authentic pirate gun. He actually shot it and it was amazingly loud but we were forewarned and covered the kids ears. Ships in the 1700's and earlier would come into Wilmington sound because they could remain pretty hidden and from there they could see the tops of the sails of other ships passing by on the ocean. Which is how Topsail Island got it's name. Pirates hidden there could determine whether or not they wanted to attack a certain ship by it's size or if they could determine where the ship came from. Spanish ships were targeted because they normally contained more gold and treasure. And now you know...the rest of the story.

This was a picture that CRACKED us up hanging in the beach condo we were renting. It seemed very random and out of place but I was so glad it was there to make us laugh. There was also no railing on the top bunk so we improvised with an ironing board and an oven rack. :)

Our New Dog...

Is really Meadow. She decided she was one early last week and a dog she has remained. A small black friendly dog named woof woof to be precise. Sometimes I forget that we have a dog and I say "Meddie come and eat breakfast" and the dog says "Ok, doggie will" or the dog says "Mom, say, "come and eat dog." When she gets tired she says "dog is tired" and she lays on the ground or climbs into my lap. She answers her brother and complete strangers with panting instead of words and while we were at the beach recently she would tell random people her name was woof woof. So I am wondering how long we will have this small black friendly dog for but we are getting a kick out of it while she is here and at least most people with children understand.