Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gulf of Mexico

Well I just got to listen to the Gulf of Mexico on the phone. It sounded amazing. lol. Greg is working there today and he called to let me listen. He prefaced his description of the place with "I am sorry to rub this in but....The sand here is white like sugar and there are no large waves, the water just kind of laps onto the shore (It's true I could hear it) and it is kind of a greenish color and clear so you can see the bottom and oh man I just saw the hugest fish!"

Are we keeping track? This is place 4 this year that he has to take me back to ;) Here are some pictures I found online.


Rachel C. said...

That stinks that he can go and you can't!!! You guys are going to have one heck of a road trip once you retire!

I found a food storage blog that has food allergies stuff. The website is

PS: Love your Thanksgiving background!

Shalene said...

gorgeous. How about a trek involving the Dale and Shalene. I think it would be SUPER fun!! It is now officially on my dream list.

Heather said...

YEAHHH!!! Let's go Shalene!! :) :)

Rachel, It DOES stink :) Thanks for the link!!

Candie said...

Looks WARM!!!! It's freezing here! :-)