Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

First we crashed the Holly springs Trunk-or-treat. (Actually Aunt Karissa invited us but I still felt like a crasher ;) Cousin Power!!

Kids goin' crazy!

I thought this couple was clever!

Befriending an Arch Nemesis

Then we had the annual neighborhood parade where the kids walk around the block in their costumes and then get a prize.

Halloween was cold and sprinkly this year. My family came over for chili and the cousins always like to go trick or treating together. Meadow was a fairy this time and Parker was Luigi.

Greg helped the neighbors set up an "Alien Idol" Halloween Karaoke. Greg's Dad owns a karaoke machine (he goes and sings oldie goldies at the rest homes and I think he has achieved celebrity status among them) and they used that. There were 3 Alien judges trying to find talent to bring back to their home planet and people could sing songs like the monter mash etc. It drew quite a crowd.

Then since they were all slightly damp anyway, we bobbed for apples. Liam was asleep by this point.

Come back here apple!