Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Camo Girl in Florida

Hello from Sunny Florida!! We got here on Sunday...without my luggage.:) We rented a van with my in-laws, packed the night before and early Sunday while loading the van with luggage, allergy friendly groceries, nebulizer (just in case, you never know) for seven people, mine got left behind. I think it may have been because it was in a Tupperware bin as opposed to an actual suitcase because it was more convenient (meaning I couldn't find another suitcase anywhere)and it probably didn't help that it was sitting by the laundry pile that I hadn't managed to get put away before we left. I assumed Greg got it because there were other things that were sitting on top of my "luggage bin" that I saw go in the van. Greg assumed it was more laundry. It isn't uncommon to have a bin of clothes hanging out when you are getting out winter things or pulling out a new size of hand me downs for Liam from Parker. It also didn't help that right when we were loading up to leave, one child was hungry, one needed water, one needed to go to the bathroom and someone else needed a tissue. hee hee. So that is how it happened. I confess it wasn't very funny for about 5 minutes after we arrived and discovered it but what can you do? Go to Walmart is what you can do. We went to Walmart and there were no shorts for sale IN FLORIDA, lol. So We found the next best thing, a pair or clearance camo pants in my size to cut off. HA!! A couple of t-shirts, a toothbrush, pajama pants, a swimsuit, done. We joked that people would see me in the Disney parks and say "there's camo girl again." lol. The hotel we are staying at has a washer and dryer so I do a load of laundry every evening and voila. Ready for tomorrow. :) I also cut off the jeans that I wore on the ride down so I do have one other option. I'm glad it was my luggage and not someone else's and it is quite funny how little you can get by with for a week when you have to!! Camo Girl signing out