Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's the fiiya?

Greg was in the parking lot at his work today talking to a co-worker when they smelled smoke. They looked across the street and saw flames coming up from the hay that was spread around the building and around these AC units with wires everywhere (I can only assume for growing grass or maybe it was pine straw to keep weeds from growing.) Side note: We know someone whose house caught on fire from hot grease dripping from their grill on the back deck onto pine straw that was spread underneath the deck. Be careful everyone. Maybe mulch is the way to go. Back to the story: So Greg runs over and starts stomping on the flames and yells to his co-worker to go get a fire extinguisher. She does and throws it to him and he puts out the fire. That's my boy. :) Then the fire fighters arrived to check it out and say thank you and he got an honorary fire fighter badge. Just kidding about the badge. That is what happened on Clifford. But it was still exciting to be a volunteer fire fighter for the day. Afterward, everyone in his office said he smelled like beef jerky because of the smoke.

In other news, my brother Shaun is getting married in June. We are having an open house at my house, and you are all invited. More to come later on that. Come eat cake! :) The other exciting thing is that all of the Brady siblings will be there and I get to meet my brother Derek's daughter for the first time. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

The best days...

are when you have nothing that has to be done and nowhere you have to be. They seem to get fewer and father between but I sure do enjoy them when they come. Remember making birds nests out of play-dough? Meadow and I had a great time making a bird family and worms for them to eat and of course chocolate chip play-dough cookies because they are so fun to poke.

Ever since Easter, she loves to hunt for things. She asks me to hide her dinosaurs, go-fish cards etc. so that she can find them again. She also has roll-plays with her little princess dollies. One conversation that I overheard this week.

Cinderella: "I am going to marry the prince."

Sleeping Beauty: "But I was going to marry the prince first."

Cinderella: "Ok."

Sleeping Beauty: "Let's go play."

Cinderella: "Ok."

hehehe. :)

Parker is really learning and growing too. He likes to tell us that 5 + 5 = 10 and 8 + 8 = 16, etc. He really is a great little reader and I love hearing the inflections that he uses. He came home today with two drawings that two little friends made him. One was of Anakin Skywalker and one of Boba Fett. He was so happy. His favorite thing about school he told us recently is when his class gets to go to "Technologies and play games on the computers." I just can't believe how much growth occurs in such a short time when they are this age. A couple of kids in his Kindergarten class have lost a tooth already. It might seem silly, but I can't believe it's already time to start losing teeth. Woah.

Photoshoot of Parker coming soon. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Statue Game

We used to play this for Family Night when I was little and we played it with our kids last night and had such a fun time that I thought I'd share.

Person who is "it" is the shopper in a statue store. He/she says "I am looking for a statue of...(Fill in the blanks here and get creative): Star Wars Characters, sports figures, ballerinas, disney characters, you choose, alien, creative, weird, sea creatures etc.

Then He/She says "Go statues go" and closes his/her eyes and counts to 10. When he/she says 10, the statues have to freeze. The shopper then walks through the store commenting on the different "statues" and chooses his/her favorite, who then becomes the next shopper. It is really fun and funny and we played it for over an hour and they still didn't want to stop playing.

Good Memories! :) :) And yes! I should have taken pictures! Next time for sure. :)

Also statues are allowed to tell you what they are if they like, which is also very humorous. Also, If you move while the shopper is looking at you, then you are disqualified and can't be bought (be lenient for very young statues).

Have fun!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter in the mountains

Over Easter weekend, we went and visited Greg's folks and had a lovely time. We spent one day up in the mountains and went to Grandfather with the kids. They liked crossing the mile high bridge. The wind whipping through the rails sounded like a train whistle at times. They also had fun hiking down the trail from there back to the parking lot. Meadow was very proud of herself and she scrambled over and jumped off rocks. "I'm doing it Dad!" "I am the only one that can do this." ;) It was also fun to check out the animals they have there: bears, deer, an injured eagle, otter, and mountain lion.

On Sunday we drove out to the country to find a pretty place to try to take a nice family picture. Most of us had fun trying most of the time, the others we bribed with candy. :)

Meadow tickled us to pieces with her lady-like-ness. Her favorite thing from the Easter bunny was her purse and glass slippers. Parker's favorite thing from the Easter bunny was squirt guns. :)