Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach Hike

Hiking Hatteras Island from Robert Caldwell on Vimeo.

We drove up to the outer banks Friday afternoon and camped that evening at a nice little $20 a night place that ended up being free because no one ever came around to collect the $ and there was no where to leave it. We walked down to the beach that night by the light of our headlamps and had fun watching ghost crabs scurry across the beach. There were alot of them! (thanks for the reminder and the awesome video Rob!)

At 1:00 am there was a crazy 15 minute storm that blew the tent over with us in it and broke one of the tent poles. What a way to wake up!! I could not stop laughing. We decided there was no way to sleep well with a broken tent and so we packed it up and "slept" in the good old van. We were all awake and uncomfortable around 6am and so we made breakfast and started on our way. We hiked 6 miles along the banks from Hatteras to Avon and enjoyed taking our time and exploring a bit. We had a great time hunting for treasures and enjoying the sun and the ocean air. A large stretch of the beach we had totally to ourselves and the other parts were mostly empty except for a few fisherman. We finished the hike around noon, stopped at the local dairy queen and headed back home. It was a fun little one day get away and the kids had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Winters. Thanks!! :)


Rob said...

Thanks for taking such great photos. These turned out really nice. I just posted some video of the trip at:
Feel free to embed it on your blog.

Lisa said...

I loved the video (Fleet Foxes, whoo hoo!) and the hike looks like it was so fun and relaxing. I just saw an article about the world's most fit man. He does all outside type recreation. He was saying how humans are now confined to toxic offices and homes and everybody would be better off doing the natural exercises like hiking, running, doing whatever with nature. There would be less depression, less disease... Not sure if I'm making sense b/c it's late but we love hiking too...we just took the kids to Baker's Mtn on Sat. and Mallory hiked the first half all on her own.

Anyway, glad you got a get-a-way.

Heather McKeon said...

I love the Outer Banks! Mark's family rents a place in Nags Head every summer in July and we get to spend a week there with them... so fun! Now I can't wait to go.

Gail said...

Great photos Heather. Looks like a great hike. Glad the weather cooperated.

Cara K said...

fabulous pics!!
i can't believe it blew the whole tent over with you in it too! that's crazy. and how amazing are you that you laughed about it all...seriously i'm taking notes on how to be a better person!