Friday, May 22, 2009

What's goin on

Well I finally finished painting Parker's room, after 3 coats. Whew. I had done racing stripes when he was younger and that was really a pain to sand down and prime over. I recommend never painting racing stripes unless you want them to stay there forever. We found some sweet finds on Craigslist with the loft bunk and the bookshelf to the right. Parker is loving his new Star Wars room and loves to put legos together on his desk :)

Jumping onto pillows like every child with a bunk bed must do

Stake Day of Service Project that Greg organized at Urban Ministries of Durham. Had a great bunch of folks and arteeests working on this outdoor wall mural symbolizing hope and several other smaller logo murals. Urban Ministries is a non-profit group providing food, clothing, shelter, rehabilitation and education for the needy. The Mural is not quite finished yet.

Finding a surprise when we were watering the ferns

Doesn't he age well?

Pics taken on the Company Mill Trail in Umstead. Great little family hike from the Harrison entrance.


Lisa said...

awesome job on Park's room. we want to do Ian's room over soon, it's kinda blah and of course he will want Star Wars!

The mural is amazing. So nice of Greg to do that. Take care~

Heather said...

Thanks Lisa, Love ya :)

Cara K said...

w-o-w!! i'm usually not into old guys, but greg looks uh-mazing!! what a hottie mc'ottie!!
my greg says he wishes he looks that good when he's as old as your greg. ;)

parkers room looks fab! GOOD JOB!

Rich said...

wow... 3 coats! It looks awesome and a really rich color. We love the bunk bed/desk. That mural is amazing Greg.

Heather said...

Thanks guys! :)

meredith.campbell said...

Cute room! I love the list. Daddy "does things" at work, and looks handsome when he "puts handsome clothes on". That is so funny!

melissa said...

That Star Wars room is awesome! It's pretty much Harrison's dream room. Parker is luckeeee.

Heather McKeon said...

I love that you are 22 and Greg is 100 - talk about robbing the cradle Greg! The Star Wars bedroom looks awesome - I love the blue on the walls!

Robin said...

Where do you shop for Greg's magic handsome clothes??