Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kids are great

On the way to the allergist this morning:

Parker: Mom, are we Normal?

Me: What do you mean?

Parker: Are we normal people?

Me: Yes, a lot of people have allergies and asthma and all kinds of different things

Parker: no, no, no no, Are we NORMAL?

Me: Yes.

Thats my answer and I am sticking to it. lol.

Picking up a prescription after the allergist:

Meadow from the back seat: "Lady, I'm hungry!"

I think she thought the lady might have some french fries behind that window.

The Home Teachers came over on Sunday and asked the kids:

HT: "Who are we talking to when we are saying our prayers?"

Meadow: Princesses!!

Parker after his preschool graduation party a couple of weeks ago:

Parker: Mom, I don't like girls, but you are my favorite girl.

Me: Laughing. What about your Sister and your Cousins and your Aunts and Grandmas?

Parker: Yeah, I like them too.


Heather McKeon said...

Hilarious! OK so I love that Meadow says she's praying to Princesses - that's fabulous!

In Ohio Sophia called me and Laura "bosty beasters" cause we were making all the plans. Hahaha!

Robin said...

YAY Parker. Girls are nothin' but trouble!

Heather said...

Heath, I had to laugh out loud at "bosty beasters" that is hiiiiilarious.

HayHay said...

I'm glad you're writing these things down. They are priceless. Your children are so adorable.

Lisa said...

They are so funny! Meadow is my kinda girl - let's get some fries up in here!

Meredith said...

So cute! I love how their little minds work. I think it's great that Parker had to qualify his statement about liking you by making it clear that he did NOT like girls.

Rachel said...

First, super jealous you went to the outer banks. Second, love your kids. Third, love your blog. That's all.

Katie said...

Heather: what a beautiful mother you are. And your have a handsom husband. Your children are adorable. Come and see us next year when grandpa turns 90 ok? Love Aunt Ileen