Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, I am not going to be on the TV show after all which is a little bit of a bummer and quite a relief at the same time. My friend Cheryl will still be on but they decided to take a different angle and just use her very entertaining chef husband to help her which I totally understand. I think I should use this as encouragement to go ahead and finish some projects going on at my own house (like painting Parker's room) but it is not as much fun to paint your own house now is it? ;)

We pulled the plug on Meadow's passie this week (I know, I know, it's about time) and as I have nightmare flashbacks of staying up past midnight with a wailing Parker for seriously two weeks, I am pleasantly surprised and holding my breath as we are now on day 2 of no passie with Meadow and she walks around saying "I'm a big girl now, passies are for babies." I am thinking this might be too good to be true but I will remain optimistic. : ) We went to Target today and she got to pick out a big girl prize. She chose "Once upon a Wedding Belle" or Belle in a beautiful wedding gown. Go big girl Meadow!! :)


Heather McKeon said...

Too bad about the show - that would have been super fun. But we will just have to make our own show! I'll come over and help paint Parker's room and Greg can film it. Haha!

Also I love that Meadow is a self-proclaimed "big girl"... because all too soon that is the last thing she will want anyone to call her! :)

Heather said...

LOL! That would be so hilarious. We would need a host. And too true, it is never good to be called a big girl after a certain age :)

Cara K said...

we just went through the same thing with eden. i was super worried b/c her passie was her BESTEST friend Ev-ER! we gave all of them to Teri's new baby and he gave her a present to say thank you.
I was SHOCKED, not a single tear, no sleepless night..nothing.
Must be a girl thing!

Lisa said...

I am proud of Miss Meadow! I can only hope that de-pacifying Mallory will go as smoothly. I swore I'd never give another baby a paci and here we are again!

We need to paint our entire house, LOL. I can't decide on the colors!

Rich said...

I'll take a passie over thumb sucking anyday!!

Getting Regan to stop sucking her thumb was a big challenge.

Good for you Meadow!

Candie said...

I love painting! Too bad you don't live closer, I'd help! Oh ya, if I wasn't pregnant! :-)

No passies in this house thank goodness!!! Good Luck!!!

meredith.campbell said...

I like pacifiers (we call them corks). Luke loved his, and we didn't have a problem taking it away. Tag refused to take one, and I wished he had!

Too bad you don't get to be on tv! That would have been so fun!

Robin Barnes said...

Good for Meadow! What a big girl! Surprisingly Cashel only used his passie for a short while and will have nothing to do with it now. He sucks on his thumb occasionally but I think he's really just biting it which hurts, so he stops. What lucky parents we both are, huh? I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Erika said...

Hooray for no passie! We are going to have to do that with Miles pretty soon. Way to go Meadow!