Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Reprieve in the Weather

What a beautiful weekend! We took a drive up to Harris Lake to enjoy some sunshine and a little nature hike. Parker and Meadow are always excited to be outdoors and go on a hike. Parker reminded me as we pulled into the park that when we are in the woods we have to be careful and watch out for "Poison Ivan" (Ivy). Mental images of a poisonous, perhaps green tinted man named Ivan lurking in the woods gave Greg and I quite a few chuckles.

Parker also liked looking at the baby pine trees that were growing just off the trail. "Where is the mother?" he asked. I pointed up to a patch of towering pines and said probably one of these dropped a seed. After that he pointed to another tall pine tree and said "There is his Uncle."

Since it was Sunday, We stopped at a bench for a snack and talked about how we came to have the Book of Mormon, how the Book of Mormon and the Bible help us and teach us important things, and about the commandment written in the scriptures to Love one Another. Then we discussed how we can love each other and what it means to be a good friend. He seemed to be listening and answered all of our hypothetical questions correctly. After that we went to the playground and he remembered what we had talked about for about 8 minutes and then proceeded to be the boss of the tunnel and the tunnel was closed. Sigh...well at least he remembered for 8 minutes! And hopefully some seeds were planted that will grow into towering pine trees someday. Did I just write poetry? ;)

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