Monday, February 4, 2008

Basket Tree Florist Cupid

I was on my way home from the gym bright and early this morning (Thanks Erika!) and I looked to my left and was amazed at the hilarious and strange mannequin outside the basket tree florist in Apex. (Imagine it even stranger than the picture though because it was still dark outside and the light on the ground was shining up on the mannequin.) So I brought my camera to drop Parker off at Preschool and on the way home snapped a picture so you could all see it as well. I am actually surprised that no one has made them take it down yet...


Rich said...

What happened to all the comments?

Did you get attacked by the ethical squad or something? I know the thought of me in my skivvies brings women to tears and everything..... (tears of shame)

Heather said...

hahahaha. It was my ethical evil twin. I got to wondering if I would like it if everyone was talking about my Valentines presents and just to be safe I thought I'd start fresh.

Rich's earlier comment: hahaha sexy. I just got a great idea for Erika's Valentine Gift.

Heather's earlier comment: I don't know if Erika would appreciate you posing nude in public like that. hahaha. Can you imagine?

Just kidding I knew what you meant all along. That along with with the red thong Erika said she is getting for you should make a good Holiday.

Erika's earlier comment:

Ok, enough about the surprise valentine's gift!

Really - That picture of the stature is hilarious. I will have to try to come see it before they take it down!

Ok, you two let me know if you think I should leave them up or take them down, or if I got anything wrong. I wanted to make sure I wasn't offensive or a pervert. hahahaha

You guys are the best :)


Rich said...

I say leave the comments up, it makes it fun... :)

Besides, Erika already told me it wasn't going to be red, but black.... (pause for awkward silence)

Heather said...


Ok then, they'll stay.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe I missed out on this fun. I'm in OR for another week, but I'll be home the day before Valentine's Day. I hope something like that is still up.

The Kiggins Fam said...

How random, and hilarious, but not as hilarious as the Winter's/Henderson commentary!!
Um, will someone please send me a copy of the pic of Rich ...that way I can scrapbook it next to his mugshot and newspaper article about the strange perverted Elvis impersonator caught half naked in a Black thong on a park bench in the middle of Apex, and charged with indecent exposure....Good times!