Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Parker and Meadow have a cute brother/sister tradition going on. They create little hidey-holes, peaceful reading meccas, behind chairs (Parker always supplies the lamp) and they quietly lounge around and read or sometimes we hear Parker pretend to be camping and involving Meadow the best he can. They do this independently also. When Parker is at preschool sometimes I will be starting a load of laundry and Meadow will wander into another room and if I ever can't find her, she is in her little mecca behind the chair, minus the lamp. Maybe this started because we have a basket of books sitting next to many chairs in the house. We love it and think they are pretty sweet!


Anonymous said...

That is too cute!! Also, I love that phrase "hidey-holes". Very lovely

The Kiggins Fam said...

That is the sweetest thing!
You'll have that to look back on in about 5 years, when he's screaming that she's touching him and she's crying becuase he's looking at her funny. HA!
But for now enjoy that they truly are "BEST FRIENDS"!

Alice said...

I enjoy sharing those sweet and sour moments with you that make staying at home and raising children such an exciting adventure. I bet you're a great mom, Heather! Your children will look back and say, "hey - do you remember when we use to read books behind the couch in our hidey-holes?".

Shalene said...

ditto on the hidey holes phrase. Tres cute. I'm chatting with Dale on the internet. He flies in on the 2nd or 3rd and he would really like for us to spend some time with you'uns :) I need your digits, chica.