Saturday, February 9, 2008

Parker is 4!

Doesn't 4 sound so much more grown up than 3? We can't believe it and feel like Parker is turning into a "real live boy!" ;) We had a great day today. Parker woke up and we all sang to him first thing. Then we let him open family gifts. He had been asking for a "knight castle" ever since he saw one right after Christmas so he was so thrilled when he opened that. Then we went to Perkins with Grandma and Grandpa Winters and he got his favorite - Sausage patties with maple syrup to dip them in and french fries. Then while I made his wheat free cake he got to relax and watch his new movie Madagascar. After that we went to his birthday party at Apex Gymnastics with lots of friends and had tons of fun. (I think I want to be 4 on my next birthday.) Mom and Dad forgot to take pictures at the party, oops! (but we did get alot of video) and thankfully Uncle Neal took some pictures (Thanks Uncle Neal!) so I will post some once he e-mails them over.


Rich said...

Sorry i missed the party, but Erika said the girls had a ton of fun.

I was supposed to be painting the guest room, but ended up just picking up the house a bit and reading a book... (oops)

Have you read Sisters Grimm? It's a very creative series of books.


The Kiggins Fam said...

I can't believe he's already 4! You should download the videos and post it on here!
(wheat free cake! Wow, what a super mom you are!)

Heather said...

No worries, glad you could get some R&R! It's not often one gets the whole house to themselves (at least at our house!) And just could have been babysitting 5 children if Erika and I had gone to the gym! But we had fun eating cake instead didn't we Erika! hehehe. Parker had tons of fun too!

I will have to check out the Sisters Grimm - sounds good. I WAS reading "Wicked - the life and times of the wicked witch of the west" by Gregory Maguire and the beginning was great but it quickly became questionable reading. I don't think I will finish reading it. It's too bad. It was such a cleaver idea....

Heather said...

Hi Cara! I will definately download the video...just as soon as Greg edits it! :) It might be a week or so.

Yeah...we're hoping and praying our kids will outgrow some of these allergies. I'm a bit nervous to have any more! We'll probably end up having one more though.

How many little Kiggins are you going to have?