Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How nice are the people at Chick-fil-a?!

Not only did they hand out a red carnation to every woman who walked in the door on Valentines Day but they are compassionate and trusting in the drive through window! :) Today after rushing to get the children dressed and fed and Parker off to preschool, I discovered I was starving so Meadow and I went through the drive through only to realize that my debit and credit cards were sitting on the counter at home. So I got to the window and said, I don't have my cards with me, I'm sorry," hoping the order could be used for someone else. Maybe it was because I still resemble a battered woman, The man smiled and handed me the order and said "happens all the time, life is crazy, just come back whenever you can." I thanked him and said I didn't live far and as I pulled away had to resist a teensy urge to cry because he was just so kind! :)

"Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle-Plato."


Rich said...

wow, that's pretty cool. Same thing happened to me the other day actually. I really needed some furniture pads for some office furniture we are storing in a rental unit. All I had were credit cards, and the guy could only take cash. So, he just took down my name and phone number and said bring me some cash when you can later today.

It was great. Maybe the world actually isn't going to hell in a handbasket today.

*On another note, your hubby blog was cute. Tell Greg he can add me to his fan list.

melissa said...

No way! I heart them.

The Kiggins Fam said...

Chick-fil-A ROCKS!!!
That's one of our favorite places. Not only are they extremely nice, but their bathrooms are always clean, the indoor play area is always clean, they have hand sanitizer, kid straws, kid placemats, Tuesday is family night with free kids meals, if you turn in your toy they give you free ice cream....I love it!
Brian works at the new one off of High should stop in sometime to see him!

Heather said...

mI saw Brian there a couple of weeks ago!!! :) They do rock!

It IS nice when something redeeming happens in the world isn't it?!

Robert said...

The Chick-fil-A I always go to when I'm at work has such nice people working at it that I almost always get a little creeped out. What does it say about our society that I just want people to leave me alone or be a little bit rude when I'm a patron at a fast-food restaurant? I just want my waffle-cut potato products with a little less smiling next time. Honestly, I like how nice the people are, but it is a bit weird to me ... like they want something more from me than my money.