Monday, October 4, 2010

Mid-Life Crisis Planning

So I walked into the office the other day and Greg says "Check it out, I've picked out what I would like to buy when I am 50 something and having a midlife crisis...If we have the money that is."

Greg: Doesn't that look like me?

Me: (Laughing) Actually it does.

Greg: I won't drive it all of the time, I'll just go out every once in a while and drive on some back country roads.

Me: (Silently conjuring images of 50 year old Greg on his all black motorcycle driving the country roads.)

Greg: Yeah, I wouldn't go to Sturgis or hang out with bikers or anything like that, I'd just like to drive to New Hill or maybe Sanford once a week.

Me: (Wondering what Sturgis is exactly)

Greg: "So, be thinking about something that you would like to buy when you are 50 something."

Any suggestions? The only thing that popped into my head immediately was to travel to some awesome places rather that actually owning something...hmmm....and maybe a matching helmet so I can ride on the motorcycle too. :)

Here is Greg on one of his more recent shoots (Monster Truck show at the beach) practicing looking natural sitting in the Grave Digger Monster truck. Parker thinks his Dad is pretty cool. :)


KQ said...

HaHa! Awesome!

HAYHAY said...

You two would be a pretty sweet couple sitting on the back of you hog. I love it. Now I'll think of you guys every time I see a couple in their bandanas and leather jackets. I'll start brainstorming some sweet things for you to get at 50.

Lisa said...

I can sorta see Greg on that bike, ha ha! Maybe you can get a pink lady bike, hee hee. I hate riding on the back of a motorcycle - I have a couple of times and just don't like the feeling of not being in control.

I am going to get a convertible on my 50's...a BMW would be nice to go on summer evening rides :-)

Hope you and the bebe are doing well!

Gail said...

Sooooo funny but that does look like a Greg bike.I can just see little Debbie chasing after him telling him to get off or he'll be killed.Did you see that on cake boss?So funny! Love that photo of Greg in the truck.....what little kid wouldn't be in awe????
You guys sure brighten up my day! Thanks!

Heather said...

Thanks Gail!!! I can totally see little Debbie chasing after Greg on the bike too! :D

The Mrs. said...

He is pretty cool Parker!

I'll probably end up getting a "spa" weekend. You know, get everything lifted, tucked and essentially put back where it was pre-children.

Though after watching "worst plastic surgeries" on E, when it comes down to it I'll probably chicken out and just dye my hair for a new look like I did 2 years ago when I had my mid-mid-life crisis.