Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catching up - September

Meadow started back at Pre-school. She is in the bears class this year and she is really enjoying it. Her teacher calls her Meadow-bear. :) She loves the projects/art at school and is especially proud of her cutting skills. "I did it by myself!"

Here is Meadow showing off the backpack she got to bring to Disney World. Grandma and Grandpa Winters wanted her to celebrate her 4th birthday in style and it was every bit as magical as we imagined it would be. Thank you!! Her favorite rides were the haunted mansion, the triceratops ride in animal kingdom (dinoworld) and the Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Parker also loved the Haunted Mansion, Expedition Everest and of course the Jedi Training Academy. :) He rode the rockin' rollercoaster for the first time and liked everything except for the big loop at the beginning. lol. He was brave. After that however, he decided he would wait until he was a little older to ride the Tower of Terror. :)

Meadow got the royal treatment and was gorgeous and most important, sparkly, after a visit to the bibbity boppity boutique. sp? We had dinner with the princesses and that was the highlight her day. :)

Other highlights of the trip were feeding the dolphins at Seaworld, visiting the beluga wales in the Artic Area (very cool!!), and getting soaked by Shamu the Killer Wale. I can't believe how much water he/she can splash with his/her tail! I got to accidentally taste the whale water as the tidal wave hit us. It was very salty and we all smelled awesome at the end of the day. lol. The kids loved it and we all laughed very hard.

Other Favorites: 1. Jedi Training Camp. The kids got to be Padawans in training and earn their Jedi certificate and fight Darth Vader. It was a 2 hour wait to do this so Greg took the kids to do a couple of things while Mamma waited in line. The things we do for our children. It was worth it. :)

2. Eating at the T-Rex Restaurant in downtown Disney and excavating dinosaur bones afterward.

3. Taking a day off in the middle of the week to relax and hang out at the awesome hotel pools. :) :)

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