Sunday, March 8, 2009


Soccer started up for Parker this Saturday. Meadow's class starts on this coming Friday. Parker was very proud of his uniform and his shin guards which he loves to wear OVER his socks because then he looks like a clone trooper. He was so proud of it in fact that he didn't want to change his clothes to go hiking with our friends the Caldwell's. :) The weather was beautiful and it was great to get outside with the kids. :)

Here is an art project Parker made at Preschool this week.
Mom reading the caption at the top followed by: "Wow, Parker that is great."

Parker: "Mom, the black one is Darth Vader."


Anonymous said...

You must put that in his scrapbook.

Rich said...

haha! I'm sure that was an undercurrent of the Star Wars series. Jesus even loves Darth Vader. :)

allyn said...

that is a hilarious vision of darth vader holding hands with other children and posing for such a photograph. all the other children smiling and him wearing his black mask. funny stuff.