Monday, March 16, 2009

The School/House of Rock

Baby we was making straight A's,
But we was stuck in a dumb daze,
Don't take much to memorize your life,
I feel like I've been hypnotized,
and then that magic man he come to town,
whoo wee,
he done spone my head around,
he said recess is in session,
Two and two make five,
and now baby,
oh I'm alive,
oh yeah,
I'm alive.

And if you wanna be the teacher's pet,
Well baby you just better forget it,
Rock got no reason,
Rock got no rhyme,
You better get me to school on time.

~Jack Black

Thanks Henderson's - you guys rock, of course!


K.Q. said...

I am so jealous! Looks so fun!

Karissa said...

where was this? when was this? you guys really suck ya know--

Rich said...

Yeah!! This was awesome time, and so glad you could make it. We'll have to have a reunion tour sometime in a few months.