Thursday, March 19, 2009

My poor Parker

I am no longer coaching but I am on a sub list when another coach needs someone to cover for them so I went in last night for 2 hours and came home to find Parker with a giant cup hickey. He gave it to himself in the bathtub with his star wars cup unbeknownst to Greg while Greg stepped out of the bathroom for less than 30 seconds to get something. It is amazingly red and I really don't know if I can send him to school like that tomorrow. lol. The pictures don't do it justice because the whole chin is kind of a purplish color. I think Parker felt fine about the whole situation after a few jelly beans :)

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Lisa said...

Oh Parker, I have no words! This is truly a classic mistake of the average 5-7 yr old! Ours hasn't discoverd the self-induced hickey, but I'm sure he will in time. The pics are awesome blackmail material!