Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adventures in Photography

Ok, so I am taking this awesome online photography course offered through jessicasprague.com and I am having so much fun with it. I feel hopeful and empowered that someday I might actually deserve to hold our cool camera and make it do my bidding. lol. But for now I am having fun. This week we are practicing with different apertures and we are not allowed to use the flash.

We took a trip to Hickory to visit Greg's family this weekend and then made it up to Asheville from there on Monday to see Morrissey in concert (It CANCELLED!!) We still had fun in Asheville with Greg's cousin Jason and while we were there we were able to stock up on the Gluten free/egg free chicken nuggets that you can find at Earthfare and take lots of pictures.

This is what $65 worth of chicken nuggets looks like.

Our other Earthfare tradition is to try new and bizarre carbonated beverages. Greg goes for the crazy stuff ex) China Cola made with chinese herbs (We renamed it dust cola, because it truly tasted like dusty cola) Perhaps dust is considered an herb in China. This picture refuses to remain rotated when I bring it into blogger what is up with that.

I take more of the "I think this might taste pretty good" route. It doesn't always, but don't the bottles look pretty in the sun? ;)


K.Q. said...

Good pics! I've been wanting to learn to be a better photographer.

melissa said...

Sorry you didn't get to see Morrisey. Nice camera work, though. I went to a diner the other day that had soda bottles lined up around the whole room with lights behind them. It looked really cool. I'll bet that soda tastes pretty nasty, though.

Heather said...

Wow, that diner sounds neat-o. Morrisey is also playing tonight in Durham and they had some tickets left so we are going!! YEAY!

Lisa said...

Dave is still salty about that concert being cancelled. He is also being punished by going with me to Ikea this weekend! Not a good week for him, LOL!

Nice photo skillz! Missed seeing you guys!

Rob said...

You have to try some "Brain TonIQ" drink. I've wanted to try it for some time, cause my brain needs it, and they only have it at Earthfare in Asheville =)

Mmmmm .... that China Cola did look yummy though. I had some Chinese root beer once, and it tasted nothing like root beer. It tasted more like real roots, from like pine trees or something.