Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soccer Saturdays

Fall Season has begun. The kids are playing with Futbol Club of Cary again. They've been great and no games on Sunday. Yippee! This saturday both games were at noon so we had to divide and conquer. Meadow's team has really grown and she almost scored in her first game which was exciting. :) What a difference from spring to fall for this team. 4 goals in the first game this season. 1 goal the entire season last season. Go Heat! Before the game Meadow said "Mom, I have a surprise for you today."

Me: What is it?

Med: You'll have to wait to see it out on the field today.

Me: Ok! I'll be watching!

After she came out of the game to rest I told her "way to hustle, you were running really fast."

Meadow: That was my surprise! :)

Parker is also really improving. He goes after the ball more and is starting to understand the positions. Go Clash!

Liam just loves being outside. :)


Catherine said...

First of all, you are the most gorgeous soccer mom evah! Second, love the surprise Meadow had for you. So adorable! Also I will never understand the positions in soccer.

melissa said...

What a sweet surprise! :) That Liam is a going to be a heartbreaker.