Monday, September 5, 2011

Each Life that touches ours for good

Our Bishop and his family (Bodily Family) just moved back to Idaho and I am sitting reflecting on how grateful I am for the time they were here. How grateful I am for the service and love our family received and for the shining example that they were. There were many instances during talks and ward conference where it felt like the message was just for me. I am sure many people felt that way. I thought I'd record some of those things that will always stick with me.

It is a good thing to reflect on our lives and ask ourselves each day is "What am I seeking?" and then to plan your life/day accordingly. Are our lives in line with how Heavenly Father wants us to live and spend our time? How are we spending our time? "If we stretched a string from the microphone back to the very end of the gym and that represented eternity and then we pinched the string with our fingers, the part of string we are covering with our fingers represents how short our earth life realy is. This made me want to print "What am I seeking?" out in vinyl letters and put it on the mirror so I would never forget it, so that I could keep persective and use my time wisely and seek the best things for the best reasons.

The leave no trace program for the boy scouts should not only apply to scouting but to our homes and church building. Are we leaving our homes and church buildings better that we found them? Are we cleaning up after ourselves, putting our things away and leaving no trace. Are we able to feel the spirit in it's fullest measure? This made me want to be better at leaving no trace at home.

I was reminded by the Bishops testimony that the atonement not only covers sins and transgressions but sorrows, dissapointments, sickness etc. This made me want to use the atonement more fully and leave more of my burdens at His feet. He understands all of it and can help us.

When speaking the bishop told of one of his children lamenting that he was not very good at basketball. The bishops response was "I don't care if you are ever good at basketball. What is most important to be good at is being good and that is something that all of us can do." This made me want to teach my children that the most important thing to be good at is being good.

He continually spoke of the simple things to be 100% in. By small and simple means, great things are brought to pass. He challenged all of the families to be 100% in family scripture study, family prayer, family home evening and regular temple attendance.

These are just a few. We'll miss the Bodily Family but we know that Brother Suppes will be an amazing Bishop too.


Catherine said...

Such great point, Heather! Love the extra spiritual boost these bring on a Tuesday morning. Thanks!!

imabetty said...

I didn't know the Bodilys but this post sure makes me wish I did. Thanks for these reflections, Heather. Good thoughts! Makes be want to be better at being good, too. :-)

Danae said...

We will so miss the Bodilys. He was such a great, tender, smart, wise, kind and fun Bishop. Matt loved serving with him. I love Cyndee and will miss her friendship and quiet strength. I am sad that my kids won't get to grow up with those kids. Waverly has asked every day to go see her friend Emma. I guess I need to be better at being good too.