Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to school, monkey in the dishwasher and taking matters into his own hands

Awesome Meadow started her first day of her last year of preschool. She missed the Kindergarten cut off by 25 days and can already read level 1 Bob books, but that is ok because Mamma loves to have her home with me for 1 more year. I'd rather have her be the oldest in the class than the youngest and we will keep her challenged. She was very excited this morning to go to school and her teachers are so wonderful. She is in the Monkey class this year. Meadow also started a gymnastics class that she adores a couple of weeks ago. Side Note: I think gymnastics is a great sport for kids because it builds flexibility, strength and coordination which can then be tranfered to any sport they may choose to move on to.

Speaking of Monkeys, yes he did get up there by himself. Yes I did find also find him sitting on the end table by the couch playing with the lamp. He got on the table by climbing onto another toy that was sitting next to it. Liam is into everything and doesn't seem to have a speck of fear.

Liam also especially loves the little green power light on the Wii that turns red when he pushes it much to the bemused chagrin of Parker. I loved that Parker took the matter into his own hands and made a toy barracade, picked Liam up and put him behind it. "There you naughty baby." lol.

Parker has a really fun sense of humor. When we were writing sentences for his spelling words, one sentence I suggested was "I have the same toy as Bill." He thought this was hilarious because he doesn't know anyone named Bill. He kept saying Bill! Bill! What a weird name, Bill. He proceed to crack himself (and me) up with the next 3 or 4 sentences.

Give me a hug Bill.

I like to hide from Bill.

I have no idea Bill.

I ate cheese with Bill.

Luckily he got tired of it after that. ;)

One fun thing that Meadow does recently is that I will find her randomly wearing her "high heels" from Easter just for fun. She likes the way they feel and the sound they make when she walks. These are the shoes she often chooses to wear to the grocery store. She is our sweet fun little lady. Also she can run as fast as a cheetah in them.


Heather McKeon said...

You've got some adorable kids! Come read this post, Bill.

imabetty said...

Love this post! Meadow and Liam are adorable. LOVE how clever Parker is at "containing" his brother! And, its hilarious that he doesn't know anyone named Bill and thinks its such a funny name. . .

melissa said...

Your son is hilarious, Bill. What a cute little monkey you have! Though, when I read the title of this post, I thinking maybe a monkey in your dishwasher was taking matters into his own hands and I was beyond intrigued. Way to reel me in!

Gail said...

Looks like Liam was going after a paci....was he? I love reading about your little ones and seeing the photos. What a great way to journal and share it.