Friday, June 24, 2011

Dinnertime Adventure

Greg has been out of town in Milwaukee this week. Actual picture he sent me from there. No this is not what he was filming. But they did get to tour Harley Davidson and he did get to drool over his mid-life crisis motorcycle again. :) His shoot was actually pretty interesting, it was for IBM and it was about Urban Gardening in old warehouses. It's a long story.

Anyway, today after school my lovely sister in law Taylor and I took the kids up to Lassiter Mills for a dinner picnic. It was fun. And hot. But more fun than hot. :)

For the history buffs: Originally known as the "Great Falls of Crabtree," this site is one of the oldest mill sites in Wake County. Cornelius J. Lassiter purchased the land in 1908 and constructed a grist mill that operated for fifty years until burning in 1958. The site was also a popular picnic and swimming area for Raleigh residents. You can see some of the old mill stones.

You know it was a good time when you get to ride home in your undies because of all of the mud.


KQ said...

Well, that last picture cleared up my question about whether it was you or the kids riding home in their undies. HaHa! :)

Gail said...

Great photos.That photo of Greg looks like Glenn in his Elvis get up.

Rich said...

Rock on guys! I went to that elementary school right behind there! I grew up till I was 16 right up the street from there. We went to Lassiter Mill all the time, used to fish there and hang out. :)