Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Food Allergies Rock"

We took the family to an awesome free concert last Saturday morning. "Food Allergies Rock" by Canadian Musician Kyle Dine. Very empowering, positive, educational and fun for those who have food allergies or know someone who does. :) Kyle Dine also has anaphylactic allergies to peanuts and tree nuts and other allergies as well. He wears his epi-pens in a cool holder on his belt and his medi-alert bracelet. What a great role model! :)

I really liked what he had to say about why he entitled his CD "Food Allergies Rock:"

something like...." people might find it odd that I am calling this CD food Allergies rock, but having or dealing food allergies creates strengths and virtues within ourselves that otherwise we would not have realized..." Very positive indeed.

Click here to download a free MP3 of his song Food Allergies Rock. My kids love it.

Below are the kids dancing to the song "I wrote a song about my allergies" Parker is the dancing fool in the green. ;) Meadow was content to sit and listen but once we got home she was a dancing fool too. :)

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Lisa said...

It's great that they got to attend this concert! We loved Parker's dance :-)