Friday, May 20, 2011

Wrightsville Beach

Parker tracked out recently for the last time until second grade. Eeeek! It all seems too soon! His grandparents made his dreams come true by taking the family to the beach (Thank you, thank you!!) :) We went to Wrightsville, It was beautiful although a little on the chilly side with the wind. Liam didn't care for the beach very much but he did briefly enjoy his first dip in an indoor pool. I think he enjoyed it for about 4 minutes and then he was done. :) Polar Bear Parker was the only one brave enough to swim in the outdoor pool. I got half way in. It was like ICE water. Whew!

Polar Bear Parker

Water Ballet :)

We ate at a restaurant that had really neat art in it. Greg worked on a shoot about this particular artist. His name is Ivey Hayes. He is an older african american painter with severe arthritis and he has to hold the paintbrush in a fist to paint. Amazing. I love the colors! There was also a really great band playing outside that we could hear through the window. Awesome. :)

Then on to explore Johnny Mercer's Pier. It had changed so much since I had been there last. They tore the wooden pier down (in 2004 we heard) and built this concrete one in it's place. It didn't seem right. Maybe it will just take getting used to. Also they charge admission now to walk on it (boo!). But it was pretty fun and on the floor of the pier there are some metal grates that allow you to see through to the ocean and make you dizzy to walk on. The kids were super excited to see and touch a Barracuda that a fisherman had caught.

They had the most fun flying their kite. There is no wind like the beach wind for kite flyin.' :)

The next day we explored the battleship downtown and ate at Trolly Stop Hot Dogs. I recommend the "Surfer Dog" with cheese and vegetarian bacon bits. Greg recommends the "Chicago Dog" with chicago sauce (vinigrette?) tomatoes and cucumbers. Liam recommends the ice water. It's great for teething. :)

But my favorite favorite part of the trip was when Greg and I got to go explore the end of Wrightsville Beach all by our lonesome. The kids wanted to stay in and watch cartoons with Grandma and Grandpa. A storm was coming in and we had the place almost to ourselves and it was gorgeous, quiet, peaceful, quiet, peaceful time with my sweets. It was fun to walk way out and look for shells, You find much better ones out there.

Dividing the spoils. One for me, one for you. :)

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Gail said...

What fun times! We enjoyed your little ones at the camp out. You have some great photos and memories here on your blog!