Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Field Trip!

Remember the magical days of elementary school field trips? The excitement of going somewhere new on the bus with the kids in your class...eating your lunch there...missing most of the regular work for the day...

It was fun for me to go with Parker on a first grade field trip to Laurel Hills Park in Raleigh and to see the stars in their eyes. :) We split up in groups of 5 and helped them go on nature scavenger hunts. It was pretty fun. We even found a bonus 3 snakes (they weren't on the list). Then a park guide talked to them about aquatic animals and the food chain and set us free with a net and a bucket of water at the edge of the pond. The kids in the groups took turns scooping up pond water/muck and then sorting through it to see what we could find. We found water snails. sun fish, minnows, clams and the most exciting of all...a bullfrog tadpole that Parker was lucky enough to scoop out. He was so big. We put him in a jar for a little while so everyone could see him. Parker named him "Taddie." When he set him free back into the pond he said "I hope you have a nice life Taddie." :D One of the groups found a leech, and another scooped out a baby yellow bellied slider turtle. It was a great time!

A Mushroom!

Parker with his Teacher Mrs. Zaccardo.

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melissa said...

My kids would have loved that way more than the zoo!