Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's been goin' on

Dishwasher fixed - Check
Car out of the shop - Check
Driver's license renewed - Check
Painters out of the house - Check
Greg back in town - Check
(of course all of the above had to happen while he was gone)
Ordered tickets for Meadow's first dance recital - Check
Yearly food allergy retesting done- Check

Parker's wheat allergy was so much better this year than last that they decided to do labs to see how the results showed up on the blood test. So we went and drew blood today and I am anxiously awaiting the results. Man, wouldn't that be amazing if he could eat wheat in the next year or two? What a tremendous blessing that would be. I refuse to let myself get too excited yet. I feel the excitement bubbling up inside and I squelch it back down just to spare the disappointment later if the results aren't as great as we thought. We should get those results back within a week! We'll probably start immunotherapy for his outdoor allergies sometime in the next year. This will include a weekly shot the first year and then they get spaced farther apart the second and third years and it can really make a big difference. He has a lot of tree allergies, ragweed, one kind of grass, and of course dust and mold, cats and dogs.

Greg flew to Salt Lake for a friend's wedding and also got to visit some friends that moved not far from there and meet their little baby. I was a little jealous that he got to hold her and I didn't. ;) He had a great time and wished he could have stayed longer to make the drive to Idaho to see some family there. Next time! (when he bring us with him! ;)

He got home just in time on Mother's Day to send me upstairs for a nap. Which I gladly took. I woke up to a cake and sweet smiles and cards. I loved how excited they were to show me the surprises. I love being a mom.

Parker was amazing while Greg was out of town. I could tell he was trying extra hard to be good and one morning he said that he was the man of the house while daddy was away. He was helpful to his sister and even helped me bring in groceries from the car on his own accord. :) He has one more week of track out and then back to school. We ran into his teacher in the grocery store and he really like that. He came home and painted her a picture of the beach and we mailed it to her.

Meadow is such a funny girl. She cracks me up lately! She has an imaginary horse named "Parpie" and she gallops around the house with her arms held out straight in front of her like she is holding reins and she says things like "ride like the wind Parpie!" She also will break into this gallop in the grocery store and anywhere we happen to be around town. It's pretty cute. Right now she also likes to sing along with the Disney Princess songs and she will close her eyes and shake her head back and forth for full dramatic effect.


Lisa said...

You've been busy! P & M are growing up! Here's to reduced allergies!! Have you thought about trying enzymes to tolerate some of the foods? We do that a lot but we had no immediate reactions. I am hoping that Greg is coming to town this weekend for the Father son in Hickory. If so, Ian will get to play with Parker which would be "amazing" (that's Ian's new word he says all the time). Hope to see you soon or when you feel up to it!

HAYHAY said...

I adore that picture of Meadow! YOu are Such a hot mommy. I love you home too! I think a nap is the best mom's day gift you could get! Especially after your busy week!

Alice said...

Heather, you seem like such a fun mom. You'll be a great mom to 3 (sorry about my negative comment earlier). Great job getting that long to-do list done ... when Cletus was in school we lived in student housing without a dishwasher for 4 years. I'm grateful for mine everyday now.

The Mrs. said...

If his blood work comes back good you should have a bread/pastry/cookie/cake party to celebrate!
I would drive all the way from Charlotte to go to that! Mmmm!

Adam's little girl is a DOLL! So jealous Greg got to see them. It's been YEARS!

melissa said...

Sounds like you have been super busy. Hope things are calming down now. Thanks for reminding me not to take wheat for granted. Geez! I read a book recently where the narrator said that "Children think all pleasant things must be a surprise." I'm glad they do.

Gail said...

The children are adorable and what a nice Mothers Day surprise!