Friday, May 21, 2010

Track-out adventures

Parker just recently tracked back into school, but here are some pictures of some of the track-out fun.

Meadow's pick - The Zoo!

One highlight of this trip was watching the zoo keeper feed the Gorillas. The large male gorilla sat under the wall that she was throwing food from and caught every piece of carrot that she threw in. He never went for the lettuce or anything else. Then she threw some pieces of carrot over by the window where we were watching from and he came and got those too. The kids thought it was funny and called him "the carrot thief" because he ate every single one and none of the female gorillas got any that we saw.
Another highlight was the cougar. We got to watch him climb a tree, catch a mouse, bring it down and eat it all within about 25 seconds. I'm surprised I didn't throw up, my gag reflex is so awesome right now. lol.
The third highlight to the kids were the giant slushies. They only sold one size where we bought them and they thought it was so cool to have the giant size.

Parker's pick - The beach! The kids and I managed a day trip while Greg was working. We always like to go to the last public parking section on Wrightsville beach because they have outdoor hoses and showers to get the kids cleaned up before the drive home. The weather was about 85 - perfect! It wasn't too windy and there just happened to be an awesome tide pool for the kids to play in that was warm! It my haste to load up the car in the morning I left the bag with our swimsuits and towels in it and so we had to do a shopping trip to Wings for swimsuits and towels for the kids - uggh! (but aren't they cute? hehehe)


KQ said...

Great pictures!

Gail said...

Adorable photos! Sounds like you make fun happen a lot....good for you!

The Mrs. said...

So fun!
Wrightsville Beach is one of our FAVORITE places too. Sad it's not "day trip" accessible anymore for us :(

Rich said...

Your pictures are amazing. Great to see you guys off having fun.. :)

HAYHAY said...

Great pictures and adventures and memories!