Friday, May 28, 2010

Allergy testing update

Well, the results came back from Parker's blood test and it was as I suspected, not as good as the skin test showed. Not good. Drat. Although I tried my best to not get my hopes up, hopes have a way of sneaking up so I was disappointed a little. I just want him to be able to enjoy more foods, but in the scheme of things I know that it will be ok. We will just keep on keeping on and work at keeping everyone healthy and happy.

With the blood test, they did a panel of his other allergies as well. Peanut/tree nut numbers have gone up, as has egg (they are a bit worse) which can happen even though you are not ingesting them and is frustrating. Wheat was actually a little higher as well.

We have had a time with eczema through the spring, but we usually see an improvement with that as well as asthma through the summer. So that will be nice. We will go down to one preventative breathing treatment a day as opposed to the two we were doing through the fall and spring with both kids.

As a mom you just wish you could wave a magic wand and make everything better but they are happy and otherwise healthy which is a blessing and they are learning life lessons and becoming strong through challenges as are we as their parents, as are we all.


Rich said...

We love you guys, and it is obvious that the kids are happy even through their challenges. Keep your chin up.

We wish you guys the absolute best as you continue pressing forward.


Alyssa said...

You are amazing Heather, I am so glad you are a mom because you do such a wonderful job!

Heather said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement Hendersons and Alyssa, my spirits are lifted :)

Lisa said...

You have a positive outlook and you do a great job with managing their environment. It is hard, and I only have a small glimpse into it and I am frustrated with it at times. You are right though, otherwise, they are doing great! We enjoyed seeing your 2 and playing for a while! Mallory is a little taller than Meadow - she is huge! She will be 3 next month. Take care! Missed you!

Heather said...

Thanks Lisa!! Greg said they all had so much fun and that Mallory was SUCH a cutie with her little lisp. I am sorry I missed all of that!! Miss you too!

The Mrs. said...

As a parent it's heart-wrenching to watch your child go through any kind of trial, whether it be food allergies, frustration with learning to play a sport, or just a common cold.
Having compassion and giving them encouragement through it is what makes you an amazing Mommy!
Parker and Meadow (and baby #3) are super lucky to have you and Greg!
You rock! Keep it up Mama!