Monday, June 30, 2008

The Peak of Good Living

We love Apex. Saturday night we went to one of the Concerts at the Train Depot (where you never know what kind of band is going to play and the only advertisements are wooden signs on the corners of Salem Street and Laura Duncan reading "Free Concert Tonight"). It ended up being a Brass Band this time and the kids had a blast. There was even a little ballet performance at the very beginning, a section set up with sidewalk chalk for the kids, and a little cart selling snow cones to raise money for Apex High School Band. The weather was perfect and it was one of those quaint, peak of good living moments. Other highlights included some chalk face painting and showing of the bloomers by Meadow and a snow cone accident where Meadow squeezed her paper cone too hard and it pushed everything onto the ground. I tried to stop her which made her squeeze harder resulting in the loudest scream I have ever heard in my life (I am surprised the band didn't stop) and more donations to the snack cart. Also, I think over the course of the hour and a half Parker ran the mile between the chalk, the band dancing area and our blanket. :)


Anonymous said...

I too love Apex. Way to make my sister jealous for not living here. I tell her all the time it's like living in a Disney movie. She came once and agreed.

Kerri said...

Just reading this makes me miss "home". Though we love it here and Suwanee (where I live) is much like what Cary was when we were growing up.