Sunday, April 20, 2008

Highlights of Harris Lake Earth Day Celebrations

Mechanical Bull Ride!!!

Cotton Candy

Bluegrass Band

Alternate Fuel Racing Game

Checking out different fish caught from Harris Lake

Wally Pog the Frog

Hay Ride

Something we learned...

The Long Leaf Pine Ecosystem is endangered (Different from the Lob Lolly Pine which is very common). There are not very many long leaf pine forests anymore. They are a fire dependent species because they grow at a much slower rate than other trees and grasses and often die out because they don't get the water and sunlight they need. They are naturally fire resistant and wild fires burn out the other grasses and trees so that they can thrive. Harris lake had a hay ride that took us to a long leaf pine forest they are creating. It was pretty neat and is alway open to the public. They said you can often see wildlife and deer back there. The trees were planted about 12 years ago and the Park has have burning cycles that alternate every couple of years until the long leaf pines reach a certain height and are out of danger.


Anonymous said...

I do love that Earth!

Rich said...

After all, nothing says protect the environment like bull riding!!


Looks like fun, wish we could have been there.

erica said...

Thanks for celebrating for us. I can always count on your festiveness! Meanwhile, my freshly highlighted hair killed off some oxygen those trees worked so hard to produce!

Alice said...

Cute pictures, Heather. I think Kate would have been terrified of the huge frog. And, thanks for the movie recommendation. Maybe it will motivate us to have a date and see a good movie!

Cara said...

What fun! I'm pretty fond of the Earth as well. Sorry we missed the festivities!