Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let's go fly a kite

Today Greg took the kids to the Kite Festival at Bond Park in Cary. When they got home Parker flew his owl kite again in the front yard. The Kite Festival happens every March and there are anywhere from a hundred to three hundred people out flying kites. It is fun to watch and the wind really cooperated this year.


Kerri said...

HEATHER!!!! I can't believe I stumbled across your blog!!! You won't believe how...will have to tell you sometime! Rooney is always giving me updates on you and the kids! She was here in Dec and we had a BLAST! Hope all is well!

Kerri (Dale) Leland

Kerri said...

OK - ready for this "small world"... Rooney was here for my annual Christmas Bunko that I host. On the way out the door we were talking to one of my friends and she asked what part of NC Rooney was from. When we said Cary she said "Did you know Amy Allen (think that was her last name) - she lived with the Andersons?" When she mentioned the Andersons I knew it was Shawna, Teri, Cara and Michael - they lived next to Merri Ellen and Charlie. So when I looked at Kara's blog (my friend) I saw Amy's blog, which then had Teri and Cara's blog and they had YOUR blog! VIOLA - a successful blog hop!