Friday, July 6, 2012

Western NC part IV, a visit to Uncle Emmit

We went to visit Greg's great Uncle Emmit up near Bakersville, NC. He is the brother of Greg's Grandpa on his dad's side. He is good guy with a big heart and he always has a project going on. He took us down to the basement and showed us the giant train set he was building for his grandsons. It was neat to see the progress he was making and it made me laugh because all of his kitchen knives were down there covered with glue, foam, paint etc. Such a grandpa thing to do. After we left the basement, we went in the house briefly and Parker had an allergic reaction to something. He turned beet red and his right ear swelled up to at least three times its normal size. It could have been from the basement, the three house cats or the bag of pecans sitting in the corner. We washed him off in the bathroom gave him benadryl and then drove to walmart and bought a new outfit for all of the kids and changed their clothes just incase. Whew! After that we went to visit Emmit's daughter, greg's cousin Charlotte (who was not home at the time) and her husband Roger and their two boys, John Thomas and Levi. The kids had a ball. Liam was in tractor heaven! Emmit made the fun swing and the cool archway pictured below.

Emmit's train project in progress below. We should have gotten a picture of the kitchen knives. ;)

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