Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love Valley, NC

A couple of months ago when it was still jacket weather, we visited NC's very own cowboy town just north of Statesville,"Love Valley." With a name like that you have to go check it out. Note to anyone who might plan to visit: schedule pony rides in advance and plan to go when they are having an event. We had fun taking pictures on ponies though and feeding one horse it's favorite treat, skittles! The kids also had a blast playing with an awesome dog. The dog's owner taught the kids to pick up a little pebble and throw it and the dog would bring the exact same pebble back every time. Afterwards, as we were walking, Liam spotted and fell in love with a busted soccer ball. He picked it up and enjoyed pushing it around in the stroller. On the way home we found an amazingly beautiful field of blue cornflowers and had to stop and admire. The blues were breathtaking!

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Gail said...

Awesome photos! I used to go square dancing with my folks in Love Valley and have always wondered where it was after I was grown. I'd love to go back and visit. Thanks for sharing. Looks like another grandparent/kids day trip (after it cools down)