Monday, December 27, 2010

December Fun

So that this won't be the longest post in history...I am dividing December into 2 posts. The month of December leading up to Christmas Eve and then Christmas Eve and after. There we have it. It's been a great month!

The nativity/creche at church is always highly anticipated. We love looking at the hundreds of nativity sets, paintings etc. celebrating the birth of the Savior. There is beautiful music and singing in the Chapel that opens to the gym and that adds to the wonderful spirit as well.

We always love the children's room where the kids get to dress up and color etc.

Here we have the Angel and her friend Wyatt

The gift bearing Shepherd

The unhappy babe in the manger

Meadow still an angel with her hair halo.

Sugar Cookie decorating time with neighborhood friends. :)

Getting a little bit carried away with the sprinkles. :)

Just a little bit.

Watching the first light snow falling.

Going out to play in it! Meadow and Parker both liked trying to catch the snowflakes on their tounges. Parker liked trying to karate the snow flakes. I hate I missed pictures of that. Really, one would need video to do that justice though.

Going to meet "Santa" or actually one of Santa's helpers that dress up like Santa and then relay the information to Santa because Santa just cannot be everywhere at once. This is our explanation for the "Why Santa looks different" every year and in the different malls, church programs etc. lol.

Parker was all about the legos this year. Meadow wanted an Ariel Costume and a Troodon. Did you know that Toy Troodons (Realistic ones - not like the conductor from the dinosaur train) do not exist and that there are forums of people on the internet trying to find them. Baffling. I mean, come on, Troodons are supposedly the smartest dinosaurs that existed based on brain size. Don't they deserve a toy!? She did get the Troodon conductor from the dinosaur train and seemed to be ok with that...

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HAYHAY said...

I love Parker totally examining Santa's beard. How fun. I love Meadow as an angel, and your little baby Jesus is so sweet, even if he's bawling:)