Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting to know Liam

"Who are you buddy?" ~ Greg

3 weeks in the world! Liam is now about 21 inches and almost 8 lbs. He is a champion eater. Champion. I love the grumbles he makes when he is hungry and when he needs to burp. I love the contented sighs and hums he makes when his belly is getting full. He is not as fussy as Parker was as a baby and not as content as Meadow was but falls somewhere in the middle.

He is not quite loving bath time yet (you're going to love it one day soon buddy!) but tolerates being lotioned up afterward fairly well. I love his little chicken legs and his tiny tootsies. I love to hold his hands and I love his little turtle-like soft as anything neck folds. :) I love that my hands always smell like baby.

I love it when he is so sleepy that he is gone to the world. I love it when he laughs in his sleep. I wish I knew what was so funny and what he was remembering.

He is a strong guy. He has rolled from his tummy to his back at least 5 times already. He was an acrobat in my tummy. After he was born the doctor said, "Wow, he was a mover! I haven't seen very many cords this twisted."


KQ said...

So precious! I miss those days.

Mim said...

So cute! Little babies are so sweet.

Gail said...

Adorable.We are missing the little babies around here. Enjoy!

melissa said...

He is melting my heart! What a sweet time for you all.

Lisa said...

So sweet! He is a doll! Ian and Mallory love to watch his video still. Can't wait to meet him!

imabetty said...

He is adorable! So glad you are enjoying these fleeting baby days with him!!