Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Golden Corral Christmas Eve

We were going for simplicity this year and we found it. Show up, eat, hang out a little, leave. Golden Corral was open until 6 Christmas Eve so the Brady Clan had an early dinner in our very own reserved section/room. The cousins were so excited and it was nice to have the reserved room to contain them. Our family friends the Malones, Greg's Parents, and Neal's Mom were able to join us too and we were really glad about that! :) And who can resist the "Chocolate Fixation Station" and the "Awesome Pot Roast"? Actually I resisted the awesome pot roast because there were so many other more awesome things to eat. Karissa said it was pretty good though.

Meadow sang "Opera" for everyone and told Grandma Lou how Chameleons say Merry Christmas (stuck her tongue in and out a few times) She is a hoot!

After we got home we read and acted out Luke Chapter 2. The kids were pretty adorable and we had a real live baby Liam to play baby Jesus this year. :)

Tracking Santa's progress and current location

Photos in christmas jammies and off to bed right away so Santa can bring presents!

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The Mrs. said...

Isn't Christmas the BEST!
A simple Christmas Eve at Golden Corral looks even better with that Chocolate Fixation Station!
Who knew!