Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Little Velociraptor

Meadow: Mom, I want to be a velociraptor.

Me: ok, let's pretend.

Meadow: No, I want to be a reeeeaaal velociraptor and run really really fast.

Me: Well you are a human, but you can still run really really fast, I've seen you..and it will still be really fun to dress up and pretend.

Meadow: (genuinely starting to cry) I just want to be a real velociraptor.

Me: Well, If you turned into a velociraptor, I might cry and say "Where is my Meadow!" We would miss you too much.

Meadow considering that: Maybe if I wish on a star it will come true and I will be a real velociraptor. Mom, If I turn into a real velociraptor, don't cry ok?

Me: Ok, I'll try.

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Rich said...

I love Meadow!!